Formalities Required for Employment Visa for MOHE, KSA

Saudi Arabian Universities, which directly come under Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, (KSA) recruit time to time Indian Manpower to work as Researchers, Teachers, Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Clinical Staff, and Nurses in various Universities, Colleges and University Hospitals. After having been finally selected to work in any of the Saudi Arabian Universities, candidates are asked to go through the following procedures:



  • Attestation of their original Certificates / Degrees / Diplomas / Registration Certificates (for Doctors & Nurses).
  • Attestation of their Experience Certificates.
  • Attestation of their Marriage Certificate.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate from any GCC Approved Medical Centre.
  • Fee Payment of MOFA: This is the Online fee of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Saudi Arabia that must be paid through any approved agency by Saudi Embassy to get their visa endorsed.


On completion of the above formalities, a visa endorsement letter is issued to the candidate that is submitted by his / her agency to Saudi Embassy in New Delhi or Saudi Consulate in Mumbai along with the original Passport & above mentioned documents of the candidate.

Certificates / Degrees / Diplomas / Registration Certificates (for Doctors & Nurses) must be attested from the following authorities:


  • Department Of Higher Education of the respective State, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.
  • Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • Saudi Cultural Attaché office, New Delhi, India
  • Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi, India

Experience & Marriage Certificates must be attested from:


  • Sub District Magistrate of the respective State.
  • Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi, India

Note: Saudi Cultural Attaché office, New Delhi, India do the attestation only on Educational Degrees / Diplomas attested by Ministry of HRD and Ministry of External Affairs through any approved agency by Saudi Embassy. Other Documents like: Experience, Marriage and Registration Certificates etc are not attested by Cultural Attaché office, these documents are attested by Saudi Embassy as per their norms.

If a person from India wants to go abroad for a job then his/her certificates has to be authenticated by the respective country's embassy or consulate in India. As there are many Indians working in the Middle East countries like- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates it is necessary for them to attest their documents from the corresponding foreign embassy or consulate. The same procedure goes for the rest of the countries in Europe, Africa, Australia and American continents.

Requisition for attestation

1.       Official Covering Letter.

2.       Invoice duly attested by the Indian Chamber

      of Commerce & Foreign Ministry.

3.       Certificate of Origin duly attested by the Indian

      Chamber of Commerce & Ministry of  External


Certificate of Marriage, Birth, Death etc.

  Original Certificate duly attested by the Ministry

of  External Affairs  along  with  the  translation  in

Arabic Language from any College or University.


Educational Degrees


Original degree in English duly attested by

 the Indian HRD & Ministry of External Affairs

 and if it is in local Language it should be translated.


 What we do 

  • Attestation of Educational certificates
  • Attestation of Non Educational certificates
  • Attestation of Supporting Documents
  • Attestation of Educational certificates:

To attest an Educational Document from the Embassy it has to be authenticated by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) first. In order to get an MEA authentication it has to be authenticated by the Human Resource Development Department (HRD).

Faisal tours & travels takes care of Attestation / Authentication / Legalization of both Certificates and Mark Sheets for the following Educational Courses.

  1. SSC           
  2.  B.E
  3. SSLC
  4. M.E.
  5. Metric
  6. B.Tech
  7. M.Tech
  8. B.Ed.
  9. ICSE
  10. ICSE
  11. MCA
  12. BBM
  13. BBA
  14. Pre-Degree
  15. MBA
  16. PDC
  17. MBBS
  18. PUC
  19. MS
  20. Pre University
  21. MD
  22. B.Pharm
  23. Intermediate
  24. M.Pharm
  25. VHSE
  26. AMIE
  27. B.A
  28. ITI
  29. M.A
  30. NTC
  31. B.Com
  32. Nursing Diploma
  33. M.Com
  34. B Sc - Nursing
  35. B.Sc.
  36. M Sc - Nursing
  37. M. Sc.
  38. Computer Diploma
  39. BBA
  40. Engineering Diploma

 Notices & Announcements


Formalities required for stamping of Saudi Visa (only for selected candidates)

Following requirements are necessary for Saudi Visa Stamping.

A) Highest degree Attestation (Provisional Certificates or provisional degrees, Marksheets are not acceptable)

1) Attestation from respective Human Resource Department

2) Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs.

3) Attestation from Saudi Cultural Attaché’s office

4) Attestation from Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

B) Experience certificates must be attested from

1) Sub District Magistrate

2) Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi

3) Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

C) Police Clearance Certificate is mandatory.

Further to inform you that we do not do any attestation individually.

Kindly take assistance from any approved agency by Saudi Embassy for all attestation.