For Employment visa processing, the sponsor has to issue E-wakala on visa to Faisal Tours & Travels. Please ensure that Visa Issuing authority on visa should be NEW DELHI, since we are authorized in NEW DELHI Consulate of Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. (Please find WAKALA card below)


      The candidate has to go for Medical test, Medical is to be done only from GAMCA approved Medical center. If the candidate is FIT then only visa can be applied.



1.   Passport must valid for minimum 6 Months

2.   Send the passport, including any old passports as mentioned in the concerned passports, and If the person was previously went to KSA for any purpose, his passport is to be submitted for Black List Checking.

3.   If the candidate was previously on an employment visa, and if he not completed 3 years from the date he last departed from KSA, the candidate must provide an N.O.C in original with proper attestations and all, otherwise the present employer (sponsor) must be same, he worked with previously. The said NOC should send with the passport and

4.   2 Colour photographs and if the profession is Driver send 2 extra photos


Depending on the category on visa the candidate should give supporting documents:

For Driver: Original licnese

For Labor category: No supporting document required

For Technical category: Diploma Certificate or 2 years’ Experience Certificate, which has to be attested by Saudi Embassy. Before submitting Experience Certificate in Embassy, it is attested by Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) or Mumbai Mantralaya and MEA.


For Higher category (Engineers, etc): The candidate should have a degree with respect to the category on visa. Degree has to be attested from Saudi Cultural Attaché Office and Saudi Embassy. Following are the details for getting degree attested: 



Formalities Required for Degree Attestation:


Attestations of Educational Degrees and Diplomas are being done by the Saudi Cultural Attaché Office, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi. The formalities are as follows:


1.         The degree holder must have a contract letter/ offer letter from government or private sectors in Saudi Arabia. The contract letter from private sectors must be attested by Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.

2.         The degree holder must have a valid passport; MODE OF STUDY should be Regular.

3.         Before submission to Cultural Office, his / her degree must be attested by: Department of Higher Education of the respective state (HRD), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. Of India,

4.         Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. Of India.

5.         His/Her agency must produce a letter from the concerned university stating that his/her degree is genuine.

6.         Documents are accepted only through any approved agency by Cultural Attaché Office.

7.        Attestation is done on Original & Final Degrees only. 


     On completion of the above formalities, the Saudi Cultural Attaché Office takes the following steps:


1.         All the data related to the degree is entered to the Data base and a copy of each document is kept in the record file to be reviewed any time in future.

2.         The degree is attested by the authorized signatory.

3.         All the attested degrees are sent to the Consular Section in Saudi Embassy for attestation on their part.

4.         Finally, the attested degrees are returned back to the concerned agency by the embassy as per their norms.


Documents required for Degree attestation: 


1.    Original Degree with HRD Attestation

2.    Original Offer/Experience letter with Saudi Chamber of Commerce Attestation

3.    All year Mark-sheet Copies

4.    Candidate’s Mobile No. & Email Id.

5.    Passport Copy(Front & Back Page)

6.    Pan Card/ Adhaar Card

7.    College Details where candidate studied (College Name, Email id, Phone No. & Address)

8.    2 Photograph with white background.


(Degree is first verified, then it is attested by Saudi Cultural Attaché and then by Embassy)