Student Visa


Student visas do not grant the right to employment.




1. Original Passport
2. Visa Form duly signed by the Applicant
3. Two White Background Photographs
4. Passport Validity not less than 06 months
5. Confirmation Letter of Approval of admission in the University
6. Medical Fitness Certificate from GCC Approved Medical Centre
7. Original Certificates duly attested by HRD and Ministry of 
External Affairs
8. For Nepali Applicants, Approval Letter from Nepal Embassy is a 
  1. A passport valid for at least twelve (12) months, with at least two (2) clear visa pages adjacent to each other.
  2. One (1) recent passport size color photograph with a white background; the photograph must be a full-face view in which the visa applicant is facing the camera directly. Side or angled views are NOT accepted.
  3. A completed application form filled out with black ink or printed. Application forms can be downloaded from our website Please include your email address on the application, if available.
  4. A reference note showing the number and the date of the student visa issued from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its branches in Jeddah or Dammam.
  5. The applicant’s original birth certificate plus one (1) copy of it.
  6. The applicant’s original High School Diploma plus one (1) copy of it. The copy must be authenticated by the Saudi Cultural Embassy (telephone 01123322998/96).
  7. Three (3) copies of our medical report, along with three (3) passport size color pictures with a white background. 
    This medical report must be issued by a licensed physician who must sign each copy and certify that the applicant is free of any contagious disease. The license number and address of the physician should appear on each copy. Medical reports must be used within three (3) months from the date of issuance. 
    Click here to download the medical report form (PDF format). 
    Children under the age of sixteen (16) do not need a medical report.
  8. A recent police report, with detailed information about applicant’s criminal record, if any.
  9. Approval to travel from the applicant’s government.
  10. For married students wishing to take along their spouses or their children, proof of kinship: for a spouse, a copy of the marriage certificate; for a child, a copy of the birth certificate.
  11. Log on to Click on “Apply for a visa to enter the Kingdom by Individuals” and complete the online request for a Student visa. It is important to record the request number on the application and present it to the consulate.


  • Visitors should not overstay the time granted by the visa.
  • Visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must abide by the country’s Islamic laws and regulations and respect its society’s values and traditions.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s laws against drug trafficking are strictly enforced. Violators are subject to severe punishment, which may include the death penalty.